Member Safety

The health and safety of members is our number one priority.  Swimming is an active sport and participation is not without risk; we ask that all members acknowledge and adhere to the following:

  • Swimmers are to use their own discretion before entering the baths, and to visually inspect the water before swimming
  • Do not swim if the water is discoloured, smells unusual, or has significant amounts of rubbish or plant litter.
  • The baths are unsupervised, no lifeguards are present
  • No running, unsafe or dangerous behaviour
  • No pushing or throwing persons into the water
  • No bombing or excessive splashing
  • No glass permitted in the swimming area
  • Follow the direction of race marshals and the race starter
  • Only enter the water when it is safe to do so
  • Exercise caution using the entry/exit ladders, particularly at low tide
  • Observe Council signage and rules, including in the change facilities
  • The changing room floors can be slippery when wet
  • Take care around the BBQ areas which are hot when in operation


Photos may be taken during Club events and activities. All members consent to the Club using photographic images of the swimmer on the Northbridge Amateur Swimming Club website, on social media and in Club promotional material. Consent can be declined by emailing and identifying the swimmer(s) where permission is not granted.