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Additional Club Information

End of Season Championship

Qualification for championships can be achieved by swimming on at least seven Saturdays (irrespective of when you join the Club, subject to the discretion of the Committee).Qualification swims may also be obtained by swimming in any of the following: Metro North East Carnivals, the Tidal Pools Carnival, Speedo Sprint Heats Carnival and the 1 mile and ½ mile swim.

In the event of adverse weather leading to the cancellation of race days, the Committee may revise the number of qualification swims needed.

Wet Weather

If there are heavy rains during the week leading to poor water quality, the program for Saturday may be cancelled. Updates will be posted by 6.45am on Saturdays on this website.

Club Apparel

We have a great range of keenly priced clothing for swimmers, caps and rash shirts through to t-shirts and hoodies. Please contact the kiosk for details.

One Mile and Half Mile Swims

1 mile and ½ mile races will be early 2019 (see program). Bring BBQ goodies and stay for a post swim lunch and pleasant afternoon.

Tidal Pools Carnival

This is a fun afternoon carnival and in the past Northbridge and The Spit have battled it out for overall honours. This is a great day for the club – and as champions for few years running we hope that we will be well represented this season to continue our winning ways. Further details will be announced and we will need help prior to and on the day.

Battle of the Bays Carnival

Another fun afternoon carnival hosted by Drummoyne Swimming Club, we are still awaiting exact date, but it will more than likely be one Sunday in March 2019 (date to be advised). Further details will be announced and we will need help prior to and on the day.


The kiosk is run by the club and operates on race day, from about 7:45am to 10:30am (or until they run out of bacon and egg rolls). . As with previous years, a roster will be established, and any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Please contact  kiosk@northbridgeswimming.com.

Metro North East Carnivals & Speedo Sprint Series

Details of these carnivals will be displayed on the noticeboard, together with qualifying times. Members wishing to represent the Club at these Carnivals should contact Kelly Digby or Andrew Coutts. To encourage participation, the Club will pay Swimming New South Wales membership fees and make a contribution towards race fees for swimmers who register and swim. Swimmers who register and then do not participate will be asked to pay for their registration.

SMNE Summer Championships

12/Under Fancy Dress Duel Meet

SNSW Speedo Sprint Series Heats

The success of these events is through the dedication of volunteers. We do ask that parents assist in any way possible in the planning of the events, and in particular on the day of the races.