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The President’s Message


Welcome as we approach our 93rd season at the Baths. The cold winter water has faded away with temperatures back above 20 degrees.

Our objective is to provide a safe and fun family atmosphere while advancing skills and confidence in swimming. I wish to thank the Committee for their enthusiasm last year.  We have an excellent Committee for the coming season.

Our public relations officer is Kelly Digby who will be building on our improved presence on social media. Our Facebook page is active and some local community sites will also carry our message. We also have plenty of Club cossies in stock, boys and girls, with a startling new jammers range available for the boys.

The registration form is here and is  available at the kiosk. On-line race entry is available in the prior week or arrive early to enter manually. Please make sure your email is recorded so that we can email news and updates during the season. The programme contains two weeks off around Christmas; the 23rd December and 30th December. Open Day will be 2nd December 2017 while Carnival day is 18th March 2018. The last race day is 24th March 2018.

The 6am squad is on again anchored by the usual hardy suspects. Visitors and more casual participants welcome. We will start sometime in October on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The atmosphere is always good even if the water is cold in the early weeks.

We always need help to run the Club. Set up, take down and the kiosk are rolls that require a team effort. Please assist if you can. The famous Club bacon and egg rolls will be available after racing as usual. Please spread the word about our amazing baths to your friends.

I look forward to seeing you at the Baths.

Chris Cahill
Northbridge Amateur Swimming Club